18 Struggles Every Clumsy Girl Recognises

Oops, sorry, I’m sorry, my mistake .. Here are the 18 struggles every clumsy girl recognises.

1. You can eat a meal without spilling something on your shirt.

2. Hence, wearing white is never an option. Never Ever.

3. You regularly hit yourself in the face because your arms sometimes suddenly move randomly.

4. The screen of your phone is always full of scratches and cracks.

5. Your friends always ask how you got that bruise, but honestly you have no idea.

6. Your hand-eye coordination is one big joke, so PE was always a disaster.

7. You lost count of how many bones you’ve already broken.

8. People think you’ve let your 3 year old sister Paint your toenails.

9. And doing make-up is also not easy. Especially doing mascara.

10. Tripping without anything to trip over. Who says you can not stumble over air ?!

11. But stairs are by far your worst enemy.

12. And add curbs, ramps, and small obstacles on the road to your enemy list.

13. Heels + me = It’s not an option.

14. If you drink or have sticky snacks in your hand, you are not allowed to come near the car / house / everything.

15. To be honest, your mother you to drink from a baby bottle, if that was possible.

16. And although sometimes you want to dance, your moves can be life threatening.

17. And in the pub your girlfriends never stand beside you as your wine flies everywhere – even if you’re not ‘dancing’.

18. Everything you touch will sooner or later be broken.