18 Questions We Ask Ourselves After Seeing Fifty Shades of Grey

No, we don’t think that Fifty Shades of Grey is as bad as many critics say. It’s not brilliant, but it’s okay. Here are the 18 questions we ask ourselves after seeing Fifty Shades of Grey.

1. Which student journalist sends her clumsy roommates for such an important interview?
Call it off? Or if it’s really that important, then you could still go even if you’re sick?

2. And why did Christian agree to do an interview for a school newspaper?
Why waste his time?

3. What kind of job does Christian actually have?
Which he earns so much money with?

4. How is it possible that Ana can park right in front of Christian’s building?
Are there always free parking spaces there?

5. Why does she need a pencil if she records all the questions?
Sexy, yes. But useless, oh so useless.

6. Couldn’t they just do the interview by telephone?
Especially when you consider that Christian answers all the questions through MAIL. Why the hell did Ana have to drive so far to Seattle?

7. Why does Christian sit next to his driver instead of in the backseat?
Are they friends? doesn’t he like to sit alone?

8. Why does Ana use an old phone?
In the modern world of smartphones.

9. And why doesn’t Christian buy her a better phone?
While he does buy her a computer and even a car?

10. How could Christian find Ana so quick in that bar?
How how how?

11. Did Ana brush her teeth before she got in bed with Christian?
She had just puked …

12. How many of his staff know about his “room”? And his family?
How does he keep it hidden? Don’t they ever ask? His mom even walks into his room…

13. Where does he buys his toys? And who does that?
Online or at the shops?

14. He buys new toys for every woman?
At least we can hope, right?

15. Who washes the sheets of the bed in the playroom?
Is there a housekeeper?

16. Why is there a mirror over Christian’s bed if he never has sex there anyway?
To look at himself?

17. Doesn’t Christian have a TV? What is he up to if there is no woman in the house?
Just work? Or is there another relaxing room?

18. How do Ana and her roommate pay for such an apartment?
Do they work? When? How?