18 questions that every girls ask herself during a party

1. This guy is sexy or is it just dark in here?

2. This guy is sexy or am I just drunk?

3. Should I spill my drink out of revenge on the guy who has his spilled his on ME?

4. Can you see my bra through this top?

5. Should I go home?

6. Should I check Tinder?

7. Which song is this?

8. Do I look sexy when I dance?

9. Should I buy two drinks, so I don’t have to stand in line again?

10. Should I just go to the gentlemen’s bathroom?

11. Am I drunk?

12. Should I send ‘him’ a text message?

13. How fresh is it if I took off my shoes?

14. Should I request a song at the DJ?

15. Is it weird to take a selfie right now?

16. Are there any celebrities here?

17. Is that the guy I’ve kissed last weekend?

18. Did anyone see me fall?