17 Things That Happen When You Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Family

Introducing your boyfriend to the family is a big step. For you he is the prince charming, but do your parents thinks he’s the perfect son in law? Here are the 17 things that happen when you introduce your boyfriend to your family.

1. When greeting is already a dilemma: Shake hands or give a kiss?

2. Your family starts the interrogation
They want to know everything about his parents, what he does for a living, when you’re moving in together and, oh yes, when the grandchildren will come? Take it easy!

3. To break the ice, they tell embarrassing stories about you …
The one time that you peed your pants in that fancy restaurant or when you attempted to cut your own hair…

4. … and photos
Yes, those baby photos are very cute. As long as they skip the typical teen photos with those horrible braces. Oh no, here they come. HELP!

5. As long as they don’t start talking about sex
You guys do it safe right? Okay, next subject please..

6. But you’re also nervous
You would do anything to avoid that awkward silence.

7. Your sweetheart is trying too hard to make a good impression …
As long as he does not start on politics. Please, don’t!

8. … but your parents continuously want to show how cool they are
Yeah, there are those incredibly ridiculous magic tricks again. And those dance moves, oh god!

9. Your lover laughs (totally not forced) about all the jokes from your father
While you  feel so embarrassed. Oh no, not that joke.

10. The whole family wants to know where you two have met.
Um … through mutual friends. In reality: Through a very wrong party with way too much booze.

11. Your boyfriend has trouble remembering all those names …
So, Aunt Carla is married to Uncle Jose and Charlotte is the daughter of Uncle Roger?

12. … but your family also makes mistakes.
No, George was the name of my last boyfriend, grandma. Oops …

13. Or worse: your sister knows his name way  too well
Are you  kidding me ?!

14. Your parents compare your boyfriend with his predecessors.. Without any shame!

15. Your father stares at him during the entire evening with his warrior face …
Stop! You’re scaring him dad.

16. … and your brother gives him the if-you-ever-hurt-her-preach
That’s what a big brother does, though they should not exaggerate it.

17. But it always ends up fine: They absolutely love him!