17 Of The Best Feelings In The World For Girls

Being a girl is not easy, but it also has its good side. Like a blissful feeling that can make your entire day. Here are the 17 of the best feelings in the world for girls.

1. You feel comfortable the entire day because you’ve shaved your legs.

2. Eye contact with your crush… and he doesn’t look away immediately.

3. Walking on a fluffy carpet after wearing heels the entire day.

4. Pass the test while people said that you will fail.

5. Putting yoga pants on after a day of wearing skinny jeans.

6. Wearing a dress and sandals in the summer, feeling sexy al day.

7. Finding a tampon when you have a unexpected period.

8. A TV serie, song or book that accurately expresses what you are experiencing at that moment.

9. Getting compliments because you have a new hairstyle

10. To be kissed tenderly on the forehead by your love

11. When you wash your hair and it feels so light

12. Hot towels after a shower in the Winter

13. Something happened in your favorite TV series, which you’ve already predicted.

14. Laughing until your tears roll down your cheeks.

15. Your cute cat sitting on your lap.

16. Chilling on the couch with your love while he’s unconsciously making circles with his fingers on your skin.

17. Or just because everything goes well and you’re so happy