17 Lies Every Girl Sometimes Tells After Sex

No doubt about it, sex is a blessing. But… here are the 17 lies every girl sometimes tells after sex.

1. The best sex ever!

2. Trust me, I had an orgasm.
Lying about this is not good – we know – but sometimes we just do.

3. I never fantasise about sex with other men

We do it before … and after … and even during  sex actually. But in the end it is YOU who are the lucky bastard who may have sex with me. Yup, you should feel PROUD!

4. Wow! Not a single man ever made me have an orgasm that quick

5. Mmm, your … tastes good!

6. Oh yes, I love blowjobs
We do it because we love you, not because we love it.

7. Masturbate? I’d never..
Just like you never watch porn.

8. THIS? New lingerie? No.
Just watch and enjoy, babe!

9. What you did and / or said was absolutely NOT disturbing. weirdo..

12. What did you say, a scar? Nope, I didn’t notice it.
Sure we notice such things. But honestly? We don’t care about your imperfections.

13. OH, that feels nice

Okay, we understand that it would be much better to be honest about it, but have you ever seen a man’s disappointed eyes when you said it was NOT okay?

14. Yes, I want sex
Honestly? No, we don’t always want sex. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to give pleasure you.

15. I wish I could have sex with you again
Please, time out. TIME. OUT!

16. Seriously, Normally I never do this with a man I’ve only just met

17. Okay, promised, won’t say anything to my friends