17 Crazy Things Every Best Friend Does

Yes, including you. Here are the 18 crazy things every best friend does.

1. After a night out you tell your friends about every detail on WhatsApp.
“We were talking and suddenly he was gone! What does that even mean ?!”

2. And after a night out together, you review the entire night through WhatsApp once your home.
“And when you told him to, he even did it.” “Yeah, that was really VERY WEIRD.”

3. You need hours of preparation before going out.
Includes 5 outfit switches.

4. Trying to analyse messages from men.
“Okay. What okay?” “Yes, okay let’s do it, or just okay.”

5. If you get bored you make a 1000 selfies.
99 percent of which no one but yourself will ever see.

6. Endlessly watching reality TV.
“I’m so tired of Say Yes to the Dress” no one said. Ever.

7. Conversations about nothing.
“What if we were famous, you know. And suddenly would live next to Ryan Gosling. What would you do?” “I feel that I am more like Taylor Swift than Beyonce. Really.”

8. Nail Polishing.
And immediately try on all the colors you have.

9. Fantasising about the future.
“OMG. We have to really live together later and our children will be best friends!”

10. Going to the toilet together. 
It’s just something we do.

11. Intending to work out very hard.
And then halfway decide that it’s not quite as easy as you thought, and you could also just eat cake.

12. Braiding each other’s hair when you are bored.
So peaceful. And cozy.

13. Discussing ingenious plans.
“You know what we should do? Open a shop where everything is made from chocolate.” “Yes, we should really do that. You’re a genius!”

14. Unashamed of fishinh for compliments.
“Oh, my toes are so ugly. SO ugly.” “Noooo! You have the prettiest toes on this planet!” “Really? Thanks!”

15. Talking about TV-Shows as if it were your own lives.
But you just really feel connected to Blair and Serena.

16. Endless coffee drinking.
“coffee date?” It takes 3 seconds for you to be on your bike.

17. And in the evening, of course, wine.
Even better..