16 Things Only Blonde Girls Recognise

Blondes have more fun, we all know that cliche. But blondes have absolutely no fun when they hear one of those things. Here are the 17 things only blonde girls recognise.

1. All those idiotic jokes about dumb blondes

2. Is that your natural hair color?

3. Your eyebrows are much darker

4. Hey, it’s like you have no eyebrows

5. And do you blond hair *everywhere*?

6. I wonder how brown hair would look on you

7. Have you ever thought about dyeing your hair to look smarter?

8. You’re not as dumb as you look

9. But also: “Haha, you’re a real blonde”

10. If you wear something pink: Hey, you’re just like Barbie!

11. It is not fair: your body hair is not visible!

12. Wow, you must burn fast in the sun

13. How does it feel to be blonde?

14. I always fall for blondes, because they are easier

15. Blondes are only good to flirt with, for a serious relationship you need brunettes

16. Is it really true that blondes have more fun?