16 signs that you are addicted to Instagram

Pretty much everyone has Instagram these days. There are people who post every few weeks, not even bothering with filters. Then there are those Instagram addicts who share everything from their lunch, dinner and other things of their every day life. It might be the time to accept that you have a problem..Here are 20 Signs that you are addicted to Instagram

1. Instagram is the first thing you look at when you wake up, and the last thing before you go to sleep.

2. You go to Starbucks just for Instagram likes. Secret: you hate coffee.

3. Many girlfriends and boyfriends get very pissed off because you’re always busy capturing all the beautiful moments in your life on Insta.

4. You have planned to name your first child Amaro.

5. Your food is always cold because it took so long before you had the perfect shot.

6. So usually you buy cold food to save yourself.

7. Selfies from other peoples irritate you immensely, but yours are okay *ironic*.

8. You know exactly which photos do well on OOTD. And which don’t look good on camera. Say bye, black dress!

9. You even check Instagram when you’re on the toilet. That’s a great way to fill in your time.

10. You accidentally like a “57 weeks ago” picture of a guy you are stalking.

11. You spend your Sunday taking photo’s for the next week. OOTD should actually be OOTOD – Outfit Of The Other Day

12. The first few minutes after you’ve posted a photo on Instagram is the most exciting moment of your day.

13. A picture without double digits? Instant delete is the only solution.

14. And everything above 30 likes gives you the feeling that you’re insta-famous!

15. You’re VERY upset if your dog doesn’t want to stay still for the photo.

16. You’re not only checking your followers, but also your unfollowers thanks Iconosquare.

17. You know the perfect time to post.

18. You want to be happy for your friends when their photos likes are going fast, but secretly you’re jealous.

19. You’ll go crazy if you like someone but don’t get a like back. Blacklisted.

20. You have wild theories about people who bought followers …