16 Common Excuses For Not Working Out

1. “I have no time.” Work out? You would like to, but you’re too busy with work.

2. “I don’t have enough time.” If you could do a workout and be home at 18.00, you would do it. But that’s impossible if you still need a shower afterwards and everything, it just takes so much time. Pardon Me.

3. “I’m tired.” Suppose you even reach the gym without dying of fatigue – you would be running on the treadmill with your eyes closed, and that is dangerous.

4. “I’m eating very very healthy today!” And that’s good enough, you don’t need to work out anymore.

5. “I’m on my period.” You already have abdominal cramps, bloating and you’re tired. The last thing you can use are also sore muscles from working out.

6. “I’m not in shape.” Do you use this excuse every time to skip a workout?

7. “I don’t want to wash my hair.” The quickest way to ruin a good hair day is sweat.

8. “The gym is too expensive.” Even if money grew on trees, then you woulds still prefer to spend it in a nicer way.

9. “I’ve never done these exercises.” And don’t want to look awkward in the gym with people staring at me.

10. “I’m not flexible enough for that.” Touch your toes? I can hardly touch my knees.

11. “I am not [gym / yoga / fitness / spinning / etc.] Person.” Use these excuses enough times and you’ll never be too.

12. “I’m sick.” Did you know working out gives your immune system a boost causing you to have less chance of getting sick?

13. “I’m too hungry for a workout after work.” And you can not workout on a full stomach. So you go home to cook and eat on the couch.

15. “I am too tired in the morning.” Mornings are for sleeping, not for sweating. Obviously.

15. “I find it so boring.” You do not understand why people like working out. The thought of an activity without entertainment – no. Just no.

16. “I make no sense.” Well, at least you’re honest.