15 things you need to let go to become happy

Many times we cling on to habits that only cause stress and pain. Our lives can become better if we could only see this, and finally give them up.

1. Always wanting to be right
Stop being the wise guy. You are not always right even if you are. Just ask yourself; What is better? Getting it right, or remaining your friendship? It’s not worth your time, the sooner you realise this the better.

2. Being a control freak
Do not try to do everything your way. Empower people to take care of certain jobs or assignments. Let others grow and you feel better in no time!

3. Stop pointing fingers
Take responsibility for you actions instead of blaming others.

4. Negativity
Don’t be caught up in a downwards spiral. Give yourself a break and believe in your abilities to succeed.

5. Setting limits
Stop thinking of limits because you will not push yourself any further. Spread your wings and fly as high as you can. See what you can achieve if you push yourself to the max!

6. Complain
Don’t complain about everything or everyone. Nobody nor anything can make you unhappy if you don’t allow it. Keep thinking positive!

7. Criticism
Enough is enough. Stop criticising everyone. Every person is unique but, at the same time all want the same. Being happy, love and being loved. Criticism is so unnecessary.

8. Trying to impress
Don’t try so hard to be someone you are not because you are not impressing anyone. On the contrary, other will feel more attracted to you if you take of that mask and reveal the “real” you.

9. Resisting change
Change is good and it is the only what can take you from point A to B. So resisting change is quite possibly the worst thing you can do…

10. Prejudice
Stop labeling things and people you are only limiting yourself. Your mind will only work if it is open to new things.

11. Fear
Fear is an illusion. Fear is not real – you are the one who is creating it so let it go!

12. Excuses
Stop making excuses for yourself. Stand up and put in the hard work.

13. The past.
Letting go of the past can be a hard thing especially when it was so much fun and happy. Don’t be afraid of the future. You are the creator and you can make it even better than those good old days. The past is only holding you back.

14. Bonds
Let go of people or things holding you back and only keep the ones you love. You will see that you will be much happier.

15. Living your life to the expectations of others
This is your life, and only of you. There is allot peer pressure but do not succumb to this. You live by your rules, norms and values. If others don’t approve? It’s their problem! You only have one life. Use it wisely.