15 Things Only The Most Fabulous Boyfriends Do

You have good boyfriends, buy you also have super duper mega awesome boyfriends. Here are the 15 things only most fabulous boyfriends do.

1. He quickly responds to your text

2. And understands if you want to meet your friends

3. He surprises you with romantic things …

4. He even gives spontaneous massages

5. And makes plans for your dates

6. He also dares to take the first step with making up if you two had a fight

7. And never runs away when you cry, but does everything to comfort you

8. He supports you in everything you do

9. And is incredibly proud of you … and let’s everyone know!

10. He protects you against everyone

11. And laughs about your jokes

12. He does his best to match with your parents

13. And of course with your friends

14. He dares to say that he loves you a lot

15. And yes, he also shows that he loves you in public