15 Things Every Girl Who Is Afraid Of Spiders Recognises

“it’s just a spider. NO” Here are the 15 things every girl who is afraid of spiders recognises.

1. Autumn is your least favorite season. Al. Those. Spiders. Where did they suddenly came from? Oh no .. They aren’t in my home are they ?!

2. If you see a spider you cry. Hide yourself under the couch. Unless if the spider is there as well.

3. You checked your entire bed because you thought there was a spider there. Well, can’t find it, maybe it was just your imagination.

4. If you see a spider you suddenly feel jittery and start to panic.

5. When there is actually a spider in your house. YOU CRY. Because how the hell are you supposed to get him out of here?

6. When someone laughs at you really loud because you asked him / her to remove the spider. Yes, they may laugh. But that beast was about to eat you.

7. When people do not understand that you’re scared of mini spiders. Well, a spider is a spider anyway? Size shouldn’t matter.

8. When people say “it’s just a spider.” Do you even see those 8 legs or not? And it’s 1000 eyes? And all those dirty hair?

9. When people say, “if there is one spider in the house, there’s always a second one.” Okay thanks. That will be 3 weeks of no sleep.

10. When people say, “he continues to live in the vacuum cleaner.” Okay…So we are never safe.

11. When people say, “you eat seven spiders in your life during your sleep.” STOP. IT. It is more likely that a spider eats seven people in his life.

12. You will never go on a holiday to Australia. Never. Are you crazy? You are happy that all those scary spiders stay there on that island.

13. When you suddenly realize that itch on your arm is actually a spider.

14. And then you notice someone put it there to tease you. That person will not live to see the end of this day…

15. That moment when you wake up, turn to the wall and in front of your face is a giant spider hanging on his thread. And you are traumatised for life by this event…