15 Things A Single Woman Will Never Say

1. “Oh, please let me see more pictures of your engagement ring.”

2. “Can I bring a plus one to the party?”

3. “Tonight I’m having a dinner for two.”

4. “You know what, I think it’ll just happen when I least expect it”

5. “I think I can find the one at a speed date-night.”

6. “Sorry, I’m busy on Sundays”
Everyone knows that Sundays are for couples.

7. “I just do not have enough time for myself.”

8. “Oh shit! I forgot the pill.”

9. “I love you.”

10. “I think I’m going to cancel my Netflix account. I have no time for it.”

11. “I really need some matching underwear.”

12. “What is Tinder?”

13. “I have such a nice #DateNight scheduled this week.”

14. ” All of Me ‘by John Legend is my favorite song. ”

15. “I am so happy for you.”