15 Signs You’re Not A Early Bird

The first hours of the day are always hell. You’re tired, cranky, and most of all you might want to crawl back under the blankets. Here are the 15 signs you’re not an early bird.

1. You find it impossible to wake up in the morning

2. You will be furious if someone wakes you up with a text

3. You have a love-hate relationship with the snooze button

4. When you’re awake, you fall right back asleep

5. Five minutes extra sleep is more important than a shower

6. You’re asleep on the toilet

7. You don’t have time for breakfast in the morning

8. It’s unthinkable that your day starts without coffee

9. The first hours of the day you’re half human, half zombie

10. It’s always a race against time to catch your public transport.

11. You have the greatest difficulty not to fall asleep

12. Even at school you could never keep your eyes open

13. You are very rude to everyone in morning

14. At work you get nothing done before 12 noon

15. And then there are those horrible people: morning people