15 Sentences Every Single Girl Never Wants To Hear

The worst about being single? Not that you are alone, because you enjoy your life. But the annoying questions that couples fire at you. Here are the 15 sentences every single girl never wants to hear.

1. You single? How is that possible?

2. What happened to your ex?

3. There is still plenty of fish in the sea

4. You will meet the one when you don’t expect it

5. When was your last date?

6. You should go out on a Saturday night and be more open minded

7. Maybe you’re just too picky

8. Aren’t you afraid that all the ‘good’ guys will be occupied?

9. I have a friend that would fit you perfectly

10. Isn’t it annoying that you have to go everywhere alone?

11. Have you tried online dating?

12. Are you really not lonely?

13. A relationship isn’t always cool

14. What are your parents thinking?

15. You better rush if you still want kids