15 Reasons You Should Date A Man With A Beard

While the clean-cut, smooth-faced boyfriends are wonderful in their own right, there has been a new trend set off in the last few years — where men with facial and body hair attractive can make every women weak in the knees. There’s just something about a little facial hair that gets us every time: not a beard that’s too bushy, but a heavy stubble that’s just about right!

History shows that a man’s beard was a symbol of his honor, sexual virility and his social status as a man! Just touching a man’s beard in the middle ages was extremely offensive and was legit grounds for a duel. In other words, beards are badass.

If you’ve never been attracted to facial hair, here are 15 reasons why you should date a beard guy:

1. Beards are rugged and manly.
2. Kissing is more fun, because it tickles in a good way.
3. Beards have a history of badasness.
4. Beards turn boys into men.
5. He looks good when he’s all dressed up.
6. It’s fun to stroke his beard.
7. It keeps him warm.
8. Contrary to popular believe, they have good hygiene because taking care of a beard involves a lot of work.
9. They’re exclusive, because not every man can grow a big beard.
10. According to science beards protect men from UV rays, slowing the aging process and reducing chances of skin-cancer.
11. And yet, a beard actually makes them look older.
12. It makes them mysterious looking too.
13. Other men respect him for his beard.
14. It shows commitment, because obviously growing a beard takes a lot of work.
15. He’ll always have conditioner at his apartment.