15 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For Spring

Old man Winter has been around too long and it is time for him to go home. We had enough of the cold, the ice and the snow! We are excited for Spring to come, to see the flowers bloom, the green trees, and the new Spring fashion in the streets. Spring is a new beginning, a time to start fresh and we can’t wait for everything that has to do with the Spring season. Here are 15 reasons why we can’t wait for the Spring season:

1. We get to pack away our heavy and dark coats and introduce pastels and bright colors back into our wardrobe.

2. Days will be longer, which means more sunlight.

3. Time for rompers and floral dresses with sandals and wedges.

4. Say goodbye to scarves, gloves, and hats and bring out accessories like sunglasses and headbands.

5. Spring cleaning time! Clear out your closet and start shopping for new trends.

6. Start having lunch or coffee with friend outside instead of bundled up inside.

7. Plant some beautiful flowers or start a vegetable garden.

8. Add some balayage color to your hair, creating sun kissed locks.

9. Start wearing the fashions that we have been dying to try since the last fashion show.

10. Do more activities with your guy or friends outside.

11. Plan out Spring Break vacation.

12. No more slipping on ice.

13. Fitness season is in and it is time to get bikini ready.

14. Tax return!! Tine to go shopping.

15. Wedding season is here so time to either get married or party.