15 Reasons Why Shorty Girls Are The Best Girlfriends

Shorty girls, those are the ones you want to date with. Here are 15 reasons why shorty girls are the best girlfriends.

1. A small woman is incredibly cute …
That’s something no one can deny.

2. Plus, she looks very innocent

3. But men know: she is super sexy …
… Especially when she is angry.

4. It is wonderful to cuddle with a small woman
With her hands on your hips and her head on your chest. Just perfect.

5. And while kissing she can just stand on your feet …
… Or jump in your arms!

6. You can also easily lift her …
That feels great.

7. … or carry her on your back at the beach. 
Then throw her into the sea, of course.

8. And yup: that lifting is also very useful in bed
Use your imagination.

9. It is wonderfully awesome to dance with a small woman
While her hand rests on your chest.

10. Or to rest your chin on her head during a concert
Or if you go watch a romantic firework show.

11. You can also easily put an arm over her shoulder
And kiss her on her forehead.

12. Because a small woman needs your protection … or so it seems
Whether that is true, we’ll let you decide.

13. Plus, if she wears high heels, she’s still shorter than you.
Tall women with high heels can sometimes be a bit awkward.

14. She looks younger … but will stay beautiful when she gets old.
And that makes her in one word: irresistible.

15. And last but not least, they will stay with you forever.
They are not only incredibly loyal but small women also live longer … Google it!