14 Signs That You Are Addicted To Snacks

Watching TV without snacks is the same as watching TV without TV. Here are the 14 signs that you are addicted to snacks.

1. Sometimes you prefer to stay on the couch with your favorite snacks than going out.
And sometimes you take your snacks to bed.

2. You have a hundred different favourite snacks.
From oreo cakes, waffles and M&M’s to Doritos and peanuts.

3. WWatching TV without snacks is the same as watching TV without TV.

4. You keep a list of tasty snack recipes that you want to make someday.
But unfortunately it is quite a challenge to not eat all the ingredients before you’re finished.

5. You hate it when you go to someone who has no snacks in the house.
How To?

6. The amazing moment when you remember an old snack.
OMG! You forgot how good smarties tasted.

7. If you lover knows which snacks he has to buy for you, that’s a great milestone in your relationship.

8. You frequent go to useless events or parties, just because there are free snacks.

9. You take your own snacks to the cinema.
You know what you want to eat during a movie, and really don’t feel like paying for an overpriced bag of chips.

10. If your favourite snack is out of stock you start to panic.
What do I have to do without my Cheetos chips?

11. You are not going anywhere without some snacks in your purse for emergencies.
And your bag is huge…

12. You’re going crazy if your favorite snacks are on sale.

13. You hate to visit places with the sign ‘no food and drinks allowed’
Like how can you survive without snacking?

14. That moment when you discover a great new snack is priceless.