14 signs that he is the one whom you want to marry

1. He always brags about you
He’s your biggest fan. (Okay, okay, along with your mother.)

2. He makes sacrifices for you – and you do it with love for him
He moves to another city if you got a job there – and vice versa.

3. You have the same vision about your relationship
You both want 3 kids, and will take care of them together. You are always on the same page.

4. Even after years together he still does chivalrous things
Such as keeping doors open, or carry you when you have sore feet from your heels.

5. He does not try to change
He knows that you are a giant mess and can totally not cook. And he thinks that’s totally okay.

6. When you think of marrying him, the best part is not the wedding, but the idea of ​​your life together
The wedding is great fun, but you can not wait for the time that follows.

7. You have survived a long-distance relationship
It was hard and scary, but you love each other so much that it succeeded.

8. “I miss you” is something you say often

9. You love a moment for yourself, but you always want to be with him
And you can not wait until you see him again.

10. He is the person you go to when you have news, whatever it is
Previously, you would go to your parents or friends, but now you call them not nearly as often as before. They do not mind because they see how happy you are.

11. You can cry in his presence without having to feel ashamed

12. When your friends complain about their love, you just keep quiet because you have not much to say about him
And you do not want to brag that you’re not dealing with that kind of stuff.

13. He gets along really well with your family, and you with his
He calls your father if he has to know something. And you go to the birthday party of a friend of his sister.

14. He tells you how beautiful you are
And makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.