13 Things Guys Never Will Understand About Girls

Men are from mars and women are from Venus. It’s an age-old cliché. Here are the 13 things that guys never will understand about girls.

1. We say that nothing is wrong, while there certainly is something wrong.

2. In a clothing store we try on all the clothes, and that takes ages.

3. Open our wardrobe, and say we have nothing to wear.

4. Need hours to prepare.
How can a little face painting take so long?

5. Wear high heels, and complain that our feet hurt
Why don’t you just wear Crocs.

6. Obsessed by our shoes.
Wo the hell needs 12 pairs of shoes?

7. Nothing better than watching cheesy romantic movies (and your lover has to watch too)
But if a guy ask you to watch his movies…

8. We suddenly get a squeaky voice when we speak to our pets.

9. Our menstrual cycle.
Weird stuff …

10. Asking questions we actually don’t want to know the answer of.
“Do you think that my girlfriends are pretty?”

11. We need to know everything about your exes
Awkward …

12. Expect that a guy will remember every detail about your relationship
Birthdays are fine, but don’t ask a guy what dress you wore on the first date.

13. Nevertheless, you guys still need us.