13 Struggles Every Babysitter Recognises

1. You’re really hungry
And you try to find the perfect balance between your appetite and not emptying their entire fridge.

2. The terror when the phone rings
It’s not your phone … But what if it’s an emergency? Would it? Maybe it’s a scary stalker … Shit.

3. You’re never quite sure what you are allowed to do
Chocolate? Wine? Movies?

4. When you help the kids with their homework you get doubts about your own intelligence
Maybe we should Google it.

5. After a night of babysitting you have at least 4 to 5 days Disney songs in your head
Let it go, let it go! That’s easier said than done, such contagious lyrics..

6. You clothes get dirty
Kids often make a huge mess, which means your beautiful outfit will most likely be ruined.

7. Sometimes you let your boyfriend come over
But if there is a 3-year-old kid who comes down the stairs and sees you kissing a strange man, there will be no excuse to get you out of this..

8. There are more games with princesses than your adult brain can handle
“Okay, we’re going to do that game once more. But only if I don’t have to be the wicked witch this time”

9. When the child asks you to wipe his/her butt.

10. When the parents ask “how much do we owe you?”
And you get the feeling that you did this babysitting out of pure love for kids, but would prefer to say “As much as you can give me!”. Sigh.

11. When you’re watching tv
It doesn’t matter how good the TV show is, there is ALWAYS a sex scene right at the moment when the parents come home.

12. But you get paid to sit and watch
Working on your thesis while you get paid to sit in a house full of sleeping children? PROFIT.

13. And whatever happens, you’ll always say that he / she was an angel
Yeah, right.