13 Problems That Every Shy Girl recognises

1. Simple things like ordering a pizza or picking up the phone from unknown numbers are so tricky.

2. “Why don’t you say anything?” People try to make you talk, and that makes everything worse.

3. It is impossible to talk with someone who is extremely handsome, or just someone of the opposite sex. Period.

4. You say no to any offer, whether it is to drink a glass of wine or get a ride home.

5. Giggling is your way of saying, “Yes, very nice, would you leave me alone now?

6. That you blush does not mean that you can find someone handsome.

7. It is difficult enough to wave at people you know, but it’s even worse if they did not see you.

8. Even receiving a compliment is terrifying.

9. Being sexy is the most uncomfortable thing ever.

10. The dance floor in da club is your personal hell. Trying to be sexy and dancing is a no go.

11. A successful workout in the gym is almost impossible. Mirrored walls are your worst nightmare.

12. Just the thought of sitting on your own at a social event will be enough to make you faint.

13. The daily life of a shy woman seems 10 times more difficult, but in reality we have our own secrets and we know all of you have yours too.