13 Guy Thoughts That Every Girl Should Know About

Exposed by a guy himself. Here are the 13 guy thoughts that every girl should know about.

1. You can’t get mad at us if we refuse to link your girlfriend to our “better looking” friend.
Ever heard of something like a reputation?

2. We find it annoying when you talk about your ex.
Unless when you whine a lot about him because you see how great we are.

3. We don’t really like being controlled by you.
If we do the dish once it doesn’t mean that we will do it for the rest of the month. No, not even if you beg us.

4. We don’t have a ‘final decision’, we just decide.
And yeah … that’s it.

5. We don’t get it if you’re in the middle of an argument and suddenly say ‘never mind’ or ‘okay.”
Do we still have a fight or …?

6. Anything that has been said more than six months ago doesn’t count as a valid argument.

7. Okay, we flirt or look at other women, but trust us, before we go to sleep, there is only one woman we think about.

8. Because: chocolate may be a women’s weakness, but women are our weakness.

9. Even if we deny it, our most sensitive part is our heart.
Yes, really.

10. Intelligence is sexy!

11. If we tell you about our problems, we usually want you to listen.
You don’t always have to give us advice.

12. If we are teasing or bullying you, there is a chance that we like you.

13. Believe it or not, but you’re not the only one thinking about that one mistake for weeks.
If we do something stupid on a first date, we also feel bad about it.