12 Things You Should Never Say to The Guy You’re Dating

“Oh, I did not know you thought we were exclusive.” 13 Things You Should Never Say to The Guy You’re Dating

1. “Oh, I did not know you thought we were serious.”

You shouldn’t tell a guy this if you’ve been with him for a month or so. And certainly not when you are together for a year. Always make sure that you think the same, even if your relation is a “friends with benefits” kind of thing.

2. “We need to talk …”
You can talk whenever you want. Just start talking. Telling him ”we need to talk” 8 hours  before you can actually give him the bad news is just pure torture. Really, for those people there is a special place reserved in hell.

3. “I need time for myself.”
There is a huge difference between a weekend for yourself and needing “time for yourself”. Time for yourself means that you want to chill in your bed and watching series without needing to see someone else. “Time for yourself” means you want a (very long) break from him.. If that’s what you want, just be honest and breakup in a decent way.

4. “If you really love me, you would …”
No matter how you are going to end that sentence, it is really ridiculous.

5. “You pay this, right?”
This is something that the evil stepmother from The Parent Trap might say. No. If he wants to pay, he offers himself to do that.

6. “Never mind, I’ll call a professional plumber.”
Listen, unless an attempt to repair a pipe turns into a near-death experience, just let him try. He tries super hard for you and even if he does not succeed, appreciate that a bit.

7. “You’re so smart / clever / cool / etc., But you’re just not that funny ….”
There are few things worse than you are told that you have no sense of humor. Some men would still prefer “ugly” or “stupid” rather than being told they are not so funny.

8. “Did you stop going to the gym?”
Ouch. Even though he is not fat, at best, don’t say that.

9. “How many women have you slept with?”
This question is something his doctor should ask. Because how many there have been, you will know the real answer.

10. “Tell me about your ex.”
WHY? Even though he has nice things to say about her, he will never tell you. Because that’s in the past.

11. “You are too build.”
Yes, men hate it when you tell them that they are too skinny, but also if you tell them that they go to the gym too much. SO WHAT HAVING MUSCLES MEANS WE CAN’T CUDDLE?

12. “Why don’t you want sex?
Do not you find me handsome?” This is the worst question ever. Perhaps it is difficult to believe, but he is not ALWAYS in the mood.