12 Signs You Are Not Ready To Have A Baby

It takes a lot to raise a child and to be fair we shouldn’t rush ourselves when it comes to having babies. A child deserves all the attention from a parent and if you’re not emotionally or financially ready to take care of a child, please have save sex! Here are 12 Signs you are not ready to have a baby.

1. You can’t even take care of yourself when you’re sick, let alone take care of a child.

2. You cherish your freedom. You love the possibility to go spontaneously go on vacation and leave everything behind. Not like you ever do that, but you like having the option.

3. You still have so many tv-shows to watch. And there is no way you can finish those if you have a baby.

4. You just don’t get them. You can’t comprehend how something can be consistently sick after every meal. Even a bottle of milk is risky for them.

5. You can not even keep a plant alive.

6. The sound of a whining baby makes you cry.

7. You don’t even have money to buy new socks, let alone baby diapers.

8. You think it would be scary to have a mini-me.

9. You’ve tried a pet and that did not go very well. Goldfish don’t live that long anyway, right?

10. You live with your parents. And your family is probably not waiting for a toddler who joins your weekly movie marathon.

11. You are still too dependent on your own mother. How the hell would you pass wisdom as you who are the one still receiving it?

12. You find baby photos on Facebook annoying.