12 Reasons Why It’s Amazing To Have A Brother

1. In the past you never arguing about stupid things like Barbie.
You might have played with lego together.

2. At school all the older kids knew you – and therefore making you cooler.
The main advantage of being his sweet little sister.

3. You have been surrounded by his handsome friends your whole life.
“Oh, hi”

4. And you don’t mind to be one of the guys.
You drink as much beer as him. And men jokes are your favorite.

5. And you know exactly how to deal with men.
After years of having observed your brother, men are no more mystery for you.

6. You have become confident thanks to your brother.
All those jokes he’s making. You actually hate it but you are grateful. Though you will never say it out loud.

7. If there is something wrong, he’s right there for you.
No matter what, whether you got bullied on the playground or there is a spider on your wall. You call him and he’ll be right there.

8. If you had an argument with your parents, he was always on your side.
Even if you weren’t allowed to go into town with your girlfriends he would even lie to mom and dad. *Thanks Bro*

9. He approves all your dates. 
And no, that isn’t always fun. But secretly, you know that if your brother doesn’t like him, you won’t date him.

10. His girlfriend is also your best friend.
You like your brother. She likes your brother. It instantly creates a bond between you two.

11. You’re his personal shopper.
The last time he went shopping he came home with a sweater that was too ugly.. Reason enough to immediately provide your exclusive services as a personal shopper.

12. Brother-sister inside jokes are amazing!
Always smiling about the most silliest things.