12 Reasons Why Dating In High School Was So Much Better

Remember getting butterflies in your stomach when your crush smiled at you as he walked by your locker? High School crushes are the best and even though high school relationships usually don’t last they are still fun and leave you with good memories. Once you get older, dating becomes much more complicated and we start thinking back about the times when things were so much simpler.

Here are 12 things we kind of miss about dating in High school.

1. Passing love notes. There’s just something really sweet about writing ‘’I Love You’’ on a note and putting it in someones locker.
2. Sitting next to your crush in class.
3. Sitting next to your boyfriend during lunch.
4. There was no way to dodge each other, since you’re both at school every single day of the week.
5. Nervously and awkwardly asking someone out in person. That was cute as hell.
6. Assuming the other person is actually busy when he doesn’t pick up his phone. Now everyone is playing detective and stalking each other on Social Media.
7. Just making out was the main event, and it was awesome because it didn’t necessarily had to lead to sex.
8. Hearing from a friend of a friend that someone liked you.
9. Telling a friend to tell a friend that you actually like someone.
10. Being sober on first dates.
11. Having cheap dates, which were probably funded by your parents anyway.
12. Talking on the phone for hours.