12 Reasons Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea

You do not have to pee every five minutes like all those tea drinkers. Here are the 14 reasons why coffee is better than tea.

1. Coffee tastes like something.
It is more than flavoured water.

2. It gives you ENERGY.
If you have to stay up the entire night, there is only one thing that can help you: COFFEE.

3. Coffee teaches you to do anything in moderation.
If you have as many cups of coffee a day as tea drinkers, you would be in bad shape.

4. You always look forward to your coffee breaks.

5. You do not have to pee every five minutes like all those tea drinkers.
= More time to think to do all your other daily activities.

6. Coffee looks super chic on all your #OOTD  photos.

7. ‘Drinking coffee’ is a super important milestone in your life.
And also a sign of being “a grown up”.

8. You can add chocolate to coffee.
Mocha-flavor is the best invention in the world.

9. The smell of coffee makes you happy.
Yes, really! This is scientifically proven.

10. The choices are endless
How can there be so many types of one drink ?!

11. Iced Coffee is the perfect treat in the summer.
Tea in the summer? No. Frappuccino? YUP!

12. Channing Tatum drinks coffee.