12 Perfect Excuses To Eat More Chocolate

Sometimes you still get the feeling that you eat too much chocolate, especially when others criticise about your addiction. Here are 12 perfect excuses to eat more chocolate.

1. Because you’re a little tired and distracted …
Because: chocolate boosts your concentration, it increases extra blood flow to certain parts of your brains. It helps you become more alert and focused, an effect that can last up to three hours (!). Ideal during a busy workday.

2. Because you’re dealing with stress
Chocolate helps you relax, by reducing the cortisol – the stress hormone – in your blood. A chocolate bar is perfect for relaxing.

3. Or if you suffer from cramps, … (thank you, PMS)
Because yup: Even with those symptoms chocolate comes to the rescue!

4. But also because you’re a little sad
Chocolate makes you happier, duh! By giving a boost to the serotonin level – yep, that’s the happiness hormone – in your blood.

5. Because you can avoid fat, high-calorie snacks
Dark chocolate provides this as well, allowing your desire in other snacks to decrease.

6. And without chocolate you wouldn’t be able to eat fruits
Because you can only eat them if it’s combined with a chocolate fondue, right?

7. Because you will not get sick, that speaks for itself
Because chocolate protects your body against diseases due to the high number of flavonoids in it. Even more: a chocolate bar contains five times more flavonoids than an apple #winning!

8. And to celebrate that you’re still healthy
Chocolate is good for your blood circulation, heart and cholesterol. Scientifically proven, so who are we to argue?

9. Even when you suffer from coughing
Because chocolate can serve as a cough remedy!

10. Also important: because you want beautiful skin
Because chocolate protects your skin for example (a little bit) from UV rays. And you get pimples form chocolate? That’s a myth, trust us.

11. But also because you deserve it so much …
You’re worth it. HA!

12. And because you know that you still can not resist chocolate
Why even bother?