12 No-No’s on the first date

1. He is dirty
His teeth look unbrushed and his body odor is uhm, not very pleasant. This guy clearly has not taken a shower before he went on a date with you.

2. He makes you pay for everything
Of course it is no problem to pay. But he should at least ‘thank you’ or at least offer to also pay something.

3. He drinks beer and drives
This boy is irresponsible. You don’t want to sit in his car when he’s been drinking. Terrible!

4. He brags
He should be proud of what he has achieved, which is only right. And confidence is a beautiful thing to have. But we don’t need to know how much money is on his bank account or how much his overpriced car costs. Not cool.

5. He believes that men are better than women
And that women should be housewifes. Terrible!

6. He only talks about himself
Me, me, me – and more me! A man who is only interested in himself is not one you want to date.

7. He is constantly busy with his phone
Obnoxious and antisocial. He can spend a few hours without looking at that thing?

8. He looks at other women all the time.
He has an eye for you, but it doesn’t stop him from looking at other women. That’s a no go!

9. He is extremely lazy.
Mr. lives with his parents, not going to school and lets his mother do everything for him.

10. He has no manners
Mr. talking with his mouth full and his elbows on the table. And after dinner he wipes his mouth with his sleeve. Not good.

11. He offends you
You order a big fat burger (hmm, delicious!) And he says, “uhmm, are you sure?” Ouch.

12. “Do what you want ‘
You: “What shall we drink? ‘ He: “Does not matter.” You: “This movie sounds like fun, want to watch it?” He: “Do whatever you want.” Omg, men – STOP WITH THAT!