12 Lies Every Girl Tells On The First Date

Here’s my phone number, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Here are the 12 lies every girl tells on the first date.

1. It was so nice to meet you.
This is the most polite thing you can say after spending two hours with him while you almost fell asleep because he only talked about himself.

2. Let’s meet again soon!
Maybe in 2165. Maybe I then have time again to listen to your bad jokes.

3. This is my phone number.
FYI, sometimes it does not work. So it may be possible that I do not answer your messages, but I just don’t have the balls to tell you that I don’t like you.

4. I’m really busy this week.
Please, do not ask why I am so busy. Because I actually am not.

5. Laughing at a joke that was totally not funny, but you looked at me as if you were going to cry if I didn’t laugh.
But really, it was such a bad joke.

6. Laughing very loud at a joke that was fun, but actually not that funny.
Because I actually like this guy and find everything he says amusing.

7. No, of course I understand that you want to split the bill and calculate exactly how much you have to pay. I get it.
Here is $20. Keep the change. Can I go now?

8. Oh, tell me more about your passion for kite surfing.
I ask this because I really want to know and otherwise there’d be awkward silences because we don’t know what to talk about.

9. Oh, poor you. Your last relationship sounds pretty heavy.
I want to know all about it.” Of course I want to know everything about your ex-girlfriend, especially those parts where you call her “a bitch”.

10. Yes, Star Wars is really the best movie of all time.
I’ve never seen it. I Think.

11. I just finished working. So I had no time for to get dressed and do my makeup.
In fact I took my day off, and was preparing for this date the entire day.

12. These heels are actually really comfy!
No, my feet are almost dying. For Real. Someone Help.