12 Inexplicably Weird Things Every Girl Does

Yup. We are a special kind. Here are the 12 inexplicably weird things every girl does.

1. Using Concealer.
We are convinced that if you lubricate a skin-colored substance on a pimple, no one will notice that the pimple is there.

2. Being jealous.
We all know that jealousy will take you nowhere, but every girl gets jealous once in a while.

3. Buy even more black sweaters.
Even if you already have fifteen of them, there is an irresistible force that forces you to buy that sixteenth one too.

4.  Screaming very loud during concerts.
Well, we’re just really excited to see the person in real life…

5. Jeans-dances.
Those skinny jeans you can only wear if you hop twice, shake three times with your butt and then stand on your toes to close the knot.

6. Admit it.
No, it does not make any sense to borrow those shoes. Yet you do.

7. Using extreme amounts of cream.
Because the more you use, the better it works. You know that is not true, but you still do it hoping it secretly works.

8. Wearing insanely high heels when we go out.
We know our feet bleed after 3 hours. But it’s worth it.

9. We’ve already planned our future wedding.
Even if you don’t have a boyfriend – you can still pick the dress.

10. Stalking.
Whether it’s your ex, your ex’s new girlfriend, or former best friend of your ex’s new girlfriend: they are all being monitored via social media.

11. No being able to say farewell of broken things.
No, i’m not gonna throw that broken chair away!

12. Striving for the perfect selfie.
Taking at least fifty pictures for a selfie is completely normal. And even then we are not satisfied ….