11 unhygienic things you do every day

1. Money
Did you know that there are more bacteria on a money coin than on a toilet seat? Yes, just think about it carefully.

2. ATM
That you wash your hands a lot, doesn’t mean that the rest of the population does. And those dirty people ALSO use the ATM. Just saying.

3. Drinking bottle
Have you ever thought about all the dirty places that bottle has been?In the factory, in the truck etc.

4. 3 second rule
Explanation: just when you want to eat your favorite candy, you accidentally drop the candy on the ground. You grab it as fast as you can and shout, “THREE SECONDS RULE ‘!

5. Using your phone
When was the last time you cleaned your phone? Uhmm, never. Ew. did you know your phone has 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat?

6. Lip Balm
Don’t use your hands to put lip balm on your lips if you haven’t washed your hands.

7. Your dog or your cat licking you
Getting kisses from your pets is cute, but it is actually a hygienic disaster. If your lover licks his own butt and gives you a kiss on your mouth afterwards would you allow him?

8. You toothbrush
Is your toilet in the same room as your toothbrush? Poor you. Shit molecules and bacteria can spread when you flush the toilet. So hello poo toothbrush.

9. Keyboard
There are 5 times more bacteria on your keyboard than the toilet seat. Just saying.

10. Not washing your bra too often.
Breasts sweat, whether you want it or not. And sweat equals bacteria.

11. Washing your hands
Sorry if this is ruining your day, but we have to tell you. Washing your hands is not as useful as you’ve always thought. Because as soon as you touch something like a doorknob, there are bacteria on your hands again. *Cry*