11 types of guys that every girl meets at parties

1. The desperate guy.
This guy has looking forward to the party in the hope that he meets the love of his life. “Nice to meet you. We should really have a drink.”

2. The can’t-stop-drinking guy.
“Drinking Game! Beer Pong! “The guy shouts at every party. This guy will definitely take shots with you the whole evening.

3. The guy who flirts with you and your girlfriends.
His life’s mission is to collect phone numbers. He immediately starts to flirt with you and your girlfriends when you arrive at the party.

4. The main-attention guy
He’s the one who shoots a rocket off which he found somewhere or doing crazy things just to get attention from you girls.

5. The guy who thinks he says something interesting.
“I’ll tell you something about communism,”. This guy sounds very intelligent, but actually he got everything from the AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel.

6. The better-stories guy.
You can have a good conversations with this guy, but he will always respond to your stories with a better version of your story. “Oh, you met Beyonce? That reminds me of that one time I met Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West and Kim.

7. The guy who thinks it’s cute
While you are at the party he text message you what kind of drinks you want. The guy will looks from the other side of the room at you with a big smile. lol.

8. The drink-police guy.
“Yo, why this girl does not drink? Give her a drink! “Everyone should drink.

9. DJ.
This guy doesn’t live here, but all he does is change the music. All night long.

10. The I-know-that-I-am-handsome guy.
He was once a model. And he knows that he is the most handsome man in the room.

11. The best friend of your brother.
You didn’t even know he was old enough to drink. Lol he flirts with you? Help!