11 Thoughts When You Chat With Someone On Tinder

OMG, he replied. Is this really happening? Here are the 11 thoughts when you chat with someone on Tinder.

1. You’re handsome and you think i’m pretty?
Otherwise he wouldn’t swipe to the right.

2. Let me see if you have a bio, then we have something to talk about.

3. Uh, what should I do with the information that you love pizza, beer and Barcelona?
Invite you to watch a football evening with pizza and beer?

4. Okay, I’ll wait until you send me a message first.
This takes too long, but no matter what I’m strong. Independent woman can take the first step, but wait, lets think of a nice opening first.

5. That’s easier said than done.
“Hey There”? No, too boring. It must be something funny. Maybe it’s nice to say anything about football? No I don’t like football. Let’s keep it simple.

6. He replied. Is this real?
He just says “hey” because I said “hey”.

7. Hello, why do I ask questions and you only give answers?
Seriously, if you don’t ask me a question after 2 messages, I will throw my phone out of the window.

8. Wow, he knows the quote in my bio is from the Mean Girls.
This is meant to be. What if he is the one, and we start dating and everything is very romantic and fun and … and … aaaahhh!

9. Let me look at your photos to see if you’re still as handsome as when I decided to swipe to the right.
After watching Gossip Girl, I often tend to swipe ALL guys right because I so want to have a relationship like Chuck and Blair.

10. Hmm. on that photo he is not as handsome as his first photo.
Ah, Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum also have their lesser pictures right?

11. Yes, he asks me to date!
Is he really handsome in real life? Maybe I may have edited my photos too much.