11 things you should know if you are dating a CEO

1. His business is his baby.
And his baby is always in his thoughts. Always.

2. Therefore you may find yourself in second place sometimes.
And no, that’s not always fun, but he really loves you girl.

3. He often has irregular working hours.
Evenings, weekends … Actually forever.

4. Sometimes, he cancels your date because he has to work. 
Well, to make money he needs to work, even if that means cancelling your date.

5. If you have an argument, it’s often about his business.
Because yes, no matter how much you support his passion, sometimes it is just too difficult.

6. He knows what he wants in life.
Therefore, he set up his own company.

7. He also motivates you to get the best out of yourself.

8. He’s good with people.
Because he has his own business, he must talk very much. With employees, contacts, everything and everyone. So yes, talking is his thing.

9. He can be quite businesslike.
Duh;-). But that’s not always fun when you’re just very sad about something and you just want a hug.

10. He never texts you back right away.
But with good reason. But, its never fun to get the “Sorry, was busy!” – Message.

11. You (almost) never have him for yourself.
Either he is busy with his phone. Or someone needs something from him. Or … well, there’s always someone.