11 things you should know before you get in a relationship with a cat lover

1. Cats Females usually look like normal women …. You know. Just like all other women.

2. If you liked her before you knew she had a cat, there is no reason to think differently about her now that she does have a pet. On the bright side, if you do indeed, they will think you’re mean and will not let you near her cat.

3. She is proud that she is called a cat lady. The relationship between a woman and her cat is the same as a man and his dog. Something Like That.

4. But remember that the bond between a woman and her cat is special and unique. An “I came home and I told my cat about my day” kind of band.

5. Because, let’s face it, cats are often more intelligent than men.

6. Never (NEVER) comment on how much they spend on a ‘fancy’ cat. Do you ever save money on your food? No. Exactly.

7. There is a good chance that she comes from a family full of cat people. Or at least several cat females.

8. They know the difference between men who are allergic to cats and men who are “allergic to cats.” In other words: do not fake you’re allergic to cats if you don’t like them.

9. She’s also not afraid to confront you on that.

10. If you are a cat man, you just got to her heart / soul / vagina. When a cat lady sees a man lifting up her cat and hugging it, it gives her a good feeling, because it means you would be good with baby’s as well.

11. The cat is there to stay permanently; you are replaceable. Sorry, but that’s just how it is.