11 Things You Do When You’re Home Alone

As great as it is to have people around you, sometimes you just need that moment of silence and privacy. Being home aloneĀ is a great chanceĀ to do the things you love without anyone judging you. Here are 11 Things women do when home alone.

1. Walking around the house naked. There is no one at home, so why should you put your clothes on?

2. Watching your favorite movie or tv-shows.

3. Turning the music very, very loud. Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Beyonce and Britney Spears – all the wrong songs appear and you thoroughly enjoy them without anyone knowing.

4. Just sleep. At any random moment just because you feel like it. Sweet dreams!

5. Just do nothing at all. Lay there staring at the ceiling, gazing out of the window – the more pointless it is, the better.

6. Stalk your ex on Facebook. Gosh, he has a new girlfriend already? How annoying..

7. Take a hundred selfies which you end up deleting anyway, because they are not Instagram worthy.

8. Make food that only you find delicious. Is your friend or roommate a vegetarian? Time to make the biggest steak ever without feeling judged.

9. farting and burping. Don’t deny it. You do this.

10. Eat Lots of candy / junkfood / and other bad things. If no one sees, it means you never ate it right?

11. Peeing with the door open. Why does this feel so liberating?