11 Things Guys Think When You’re Watching Movie Together

1. I thought watching a movie was a synonym for something else..
Put your hands in the air if you’re f *cking tonight!

2. Is this movie actually appropriate for tonight?

3. Is there actually a movie that’s better than sex?
Haha no. Clearly a brain fart.

4. Now is the time for the subtle touch.
Oh, she wants me. I feel it.

5. She is so beautiful
I prefer to look at her than watching the movie.

6. What would it be like to have a threesome with her and the lead actress in the movie?
Best fantasy ever.

7. Would it be crazy if I would kiss her neck?

8. This movie is way too long
I want her now!!

9. Aw yeah, there it is: the look
She wants me. She wants me. She wants me.

10. I see only her lips
I can not think straight anymore.

11. To the bedroom
Watching Movie is crazy.