11 Things Every Girl Recognises Who Likes To Eat Outdoors

Your Instagram account is packed with dining pictures, and you’re proud of it. Here are the 11 Things Every Girl Recognises Who Likes To Eat Outdoors.

1. No matter how full you are, there’s always room for something else.
“Oh, that was really good, I’m so full! I will never eat again. What? There’s a good ice cream parlor around the corner? Okay, I’m in! ”

2. You can NOT understand that your friends don’t remeber the names of the restaurants where they have been.
“What do you mean, some kind of Italian restaurant that starts with a Y or an A?”

3. During your holiday eating comes first, and sight seeing comes in second.
And if you’re friends have been on vacation, the first thing you ask is:”Where have you eaten?”

4. Your Instagram account is full of pictures of things you’ve eaten / are eating / really want to eat again.
And you’re proud of it.

5. You just don’t get people who don’t love to eat.
Hello? Chocolate? Pizza? Apple Pie ?! So if someone gives you a piece of cake, you do not eat it? Who are you?

6. If your girlfriend asks you for culinary suggestions, you send at least 10 options.
With your personal reviews it: “Their chocolate cake is SO nice!”

7. Even before you’ve had breakfast you’re already thinking about dinner. 

8. You have a checklist on your phone of restaurants where you really still want to eat.
And yes, that thing is longer than all your papers / reports that you’ve ever made in school combined.

9. If you have managed to book at the one restaurant that is full all the time, you feel fantastic.
And share it with anyone who wants to listen. Though there is never anyone as excited as you …

10. You feel guilty all day if you have spent 100 euros on shoes, but you do not mind to spend 40 euros on a seven-course dinner.
Because that was worth it!

11. You could never be with someone who is not just as fond of restaurants as you.
“There is a new Italian restaurant in town!” ‘Okay.’ OKAY?!?!?