11 signs he only wants you for sex

Come on now, women are not always horny. So for the other 98 percent of the time, we act like adult humans. Unless you have decided to stay in the booty-call zone forever. So, are you worried that you’re dating the wrong guy? Here are 11 signs that he only wants you for sex.

1. He calls or texts you just after 12pm
Men are not interested if They only call you at That Time. It’s just a booty call!

2. You never go on a date
You do not go to the cinema for a movie, dinner or romantic walk in the park. But only stay at home for sex

3. He says he is not ready for a relationship
Cause: too busy with work, busy with study, emotionally not ready, but he wants to continue to see you indeed.

4. Sometimes you hear nothing from him for days
And Suddenly you get a call or message. After a casual ‘How are you? “What are you doing tonight? shall I come? ”

5. There are no deep conversations
Yes, he asks if you’re going out later this weekend. But how is your sick grandmother doing? Nope. How was your work day? Nope.

6. The only gift that you got from him is sex-related
A vibrator, called funny cock ring and lingerie.

7. If you’re going to watch a movie you can only seeĀ the first few minutes
He lies on top of you before you know it. If you’re lucky you will see the final scene of the movie together.

8. After the sex ‘gentleman’ ‘runs’ away
A date almost always goes like this: you meet at your home and you have a chat. You give him something to drink, but when it comes to more serious subjects he starts kissing you. And then he pulls your clothes off and you-know-what. After Sex, he suddenly needs to go, Because He Has to do “something”.

9. He only asks for ‘sexy pictures’
And not for snapshots when you are with friends or family.

10. You’ve never met his friends
Unless you happen to encounter each other on coincidence

11. And then he introduces you as a friendĀ 
And his friends react very awkward with “Okay, hi.” And not with “Oh hi, I heard a lot of things about you, nice to meet you!”.