11 reasons why you should be happy after a break up

Of course it is a terrible feeling when your relationship has ended. You feel hurt, angry and very sad. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy after a break up. Always look on the bright side! Here are the 11 reasons why you should be happy after a break up.

1. You have more time for yourself.
For taking baths, doing masks, nail polish, watching TV series and having quality time with your friends. Those things you couldn’t do often, because your relationship required a lot of time.

2. You decide what you want to eat and don’t have to discuss this.
Want to eat sushi tonight? Then you go eat sushi tonight. Invite your addicted sushi girlfriends!

3. Finally you can watch chick flicks.
He did not like being forced to watch Mean Girls, so you did him a favor and just watched another movie.

4. You have the time for your friends.
You may have said no to your friends too often, because you already had a date planned with you boy …

5. You can still wear your beautiful lingerie.
Perhaps no one else sees your lingerie … But you do! It has even been proven that when women wear beautiful lingerie, they feel more confident.

6. Bed.
No more ‘no blankets’, ‘no space’ and snoring sounds. Now you can lay down diagonally!

7. Don’t have to be the “mother”
Many guys can’t cook or do other things that many women are just better at. Now you don’t have to take care of him anymore and tell him stuff like, “Get your feet of the table!”…

8. “Can my boyfriend come too?”
This awkward question you don’t have to ask anymore if you are invited to a fun party.

9. Finally ANTM!
Without any worries you can go watch America’s Next Top Model again with your best friend.

10. You don’t feel guilty.
If you had a fight or you had done something where you actually knew you were wrong. You don’t have to feel guilty anymore.

11. Me, myself and I.
You are angry and sad that he broke up and this is a perfectly normal and human feeling. It is difficult to let him go. You’ve been through a lot things with him. But being in a relationship isn’t always a good thing. After the break up, life is all about you. So give yourself more attention and do things that make you happy!