11 excuses you use to skip the gym

Going to the gym is fantastic. But sometimes you just have no choice but to skip it. Here are 11 excuses you use to skip your gym sessions.

1. I forgot my earplugs. And working out without having my own music is like going out without drinking.

2. I have already been in the gym this week. I should skip the gym, otherwise I’ll soon get muscular arms, and that doesn’t look flattering if I wear dresses.

3. It is way too busy at the gym during weekdays.

4. Weekend? Time for wine and pizza parties!

5. Sports? On Monday? Ehm.. no thanks.

6. Shit, forget to bring shampoo and shower gel.. I don’t want to walk out of the gym with smelly armpits.

7. I’ve washed my hair this morning and it is very bad to wash your hair too often. So lets skip this day because I can’t exercise without showering afterwards.

8. But… tonight my favourite show is on TV.

9. I can also do some workouts at home. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials.

10. That shopping trip tomorrow will be very tough if I have sore muscles.

11. It doesn’t matter if they say lack of exercise causes menstrual cramps. Chocolate + tea + couch = the key