10 Ways to pick your good guy in 2015

Are you constantly asking yourself why you attract the wrong type of guy, over and over again? It’s time to reevaluate why that may be. Don’t blame the others, it is often your own behaviour that causes you to date one bad guy after another. Douchebags are everywhere, but we still can change our behaviours, our decisions and they ways in which we react. It’s time to start your 2015 with a clean slate and start dating some good guys. Here are the 15 ways how you can attract them in 2015:

1. Give him a chance
If you want a relationship to flourish, you have to focus on one man at a steam. Simply as that. Don’t play the silly games, if you want a good guy to stick around, you have to let him know that.

2. Tell him how you feel
Don’t tell him that you don’t want a relationship, otherwise he will take that at face value. Be straight forward to a guy. Tell him what you feel and see if you’re both on the same page.

3. Compassion
If your man is having a bad day, cheer him up instead of acting disinterested. Sometimes you have to pause your favourite series to listen to your man. Because listening can make the biggest difference, plus being supportive will make him feel better in no time. A good way to cheer him up!

4. It’s not a game
Never compete with your crush. Dating games are the number one failure in a relationship. It is important to be open and honest. For example don’t try to make your man jealous by flirting with other guys, just because he goes out and talks to other girls. It could give him the wrong idea!

5. Respect yourself
If you want the guy respect you, you have to respect yourself first. Know your worth and don’t settle for anything short of amazing. Just don’t be wasted every night and twerk all over the place. It will increase the chance of a douchebag knocking at your door.

6. Love from both side
Always make an effort for the guy who makes an effort for you. Those are the ones you want to be dating. Love comes from both sides. So stop cancelling plans last minute, just follow through.

7. Have your own life
Having an own ambition in life is a very attractive quality for the good guys. You can talk hours with him about the goals you want to reach. He will admire you more, knowing you are an independent women and are totally fine on your own.

8. Be honest about yourself
Don’t lie about yourself to appear more desirable, the truth will always have a way of coming out. A good guy will love the person you truly are. Don’t worry if he doesn’t likes you, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

9. Comfortable
Never ditch a guy at a party to which you invited him, because it is a quick way to lose him. Please him, act like you want him there. He won’t mind if you are away for a little while, but it’s important to make him feel comfortable.

10. Don’t bringing up ex boyfriends memories
Stop talking about your exes, it’s time to make new memories with the good guy. He doesn’t want to hear every detail of why your ex boyfriend sucks. Because it makes him feel uncomfortable or friend zoned.