10 Traveling Essentials

A new year means new vacations to plan! Everyone deserves a much needed vacay to feel refreshed and centered. Taking a vacation to an island, another country or even not too far from home must be in the books for you. Make sure that you’re thoroughly prepared for whatever may come your way on your next trip. Here are some traveling essentials that are a must:

1. A Camera, of course
You don’t want to miss out on taking a selfie by a waterfall or capturing some ancient architecture, plus hello memories!

2. Passport
If you’re traveling outside of the country, you can’t forget it because you won’t get very far.

3. New clothes
You have to buy new clothes before your vacation, you want to look your best plus pictures!

4. A Good Book
There will be some downtime while traveling so take a good book to keep yourself occupied during your flight.

5. Sunglasses
Hopefully, you will be escaping the cold and heading towards the sun, so sunglasses are essential when traveling and don’t forget the sunscreen as well.

6. Outlet Converter
If you’re traveling to another country and plan on charging your phone or laptop or using a blow-dryer, make sure you know if they have the same outlets. Some places have different outlets and you can pick up an outlet converter to use all your electronics.

7. Comfy Shoes
Traveling may consist of a lot of walking and yes, you do look cute in those wedges but your feet might hate you. Take a pair of comfy shoes for the exploring part of the trip.

8. A Large Handbag or Backpack
When traveling, you might pick up a few things here and there and you don’t want to walk around carrying a bunch of bags, try to fit it all in one place.

9. A Travel Guide
It is important to pick-up a travel guide when heading out somewhere you don’t know. A travel guide will be your BFF on your trip and you can learn a lot about the location, where to go, what to eat, and what to avoid.

10. A Mini Emergency Kit
You never know what you might run into or where your travels might take you, so it is good to keep a mini emergency kit on you, just in case.