10 things you should know before you start dating your best friend

1. You have been warned. You will suddenly find him extremely attractive.

2. You will be jealous of all your other female friends.
They may be your best friends, but once one of them starts talking to him with that flirty, sweet voice of, you do want to beat her.

3. You do not have to “chase” him.
You don’t have to stalk him on facebook, because you know exactly what he does every day. And who he has dated previously. And his whole life story actually.

4. You have to take risks.
There is a chance of ending up with no boyfriend and no best friend. So think hard about whether it is worth the risk.

5. For the first time, having sex with him might be quite … weird.
You had never thought about such a thing with him.

6. You will be sorry that you ever told him every detail of your life.
Because, well, he probably did not forget that you once accidentally bit on the penis of your ex-boyfriend.

7. You do not mind to cry in his presence.
He already knows how emotional you are when you almost have your period.

8. It will be uncomfortable to see his mother.
Some time ago his mom still whined to you about all the sounds coming from his room during the weekend, but now you’re uh … the cause of this noise.

9. It will be uncomfortable to see his father.
Ready for the uncomfortable bathroom moments?

10. You do not have any secrets.
He knows with whom you have shared the bed. It does not matter to him that you wear braces at night. And he is also aware of your Harry Potter books addiction.