10 Things You Always Remember About a Relationship

In every relationship there are some milestones each of us has to cross. Some of them become the highlights of our times spent together and others are better forgotten (and forgiven, ahm).

But as you advance with your relationship, or even if it fails miserably, there will always be some moments, details or events that will stay with you even after your 10th or 20th anniversary. So, I bet that you can still remember:

1.Your first date, whether he picked you up or you met somewhere, if you went out for drinks or for a stroll, the butterflies in your stomach while getting ready and everything else in between.

2.Your first kiss. It might have been soft and tender or passionate like a storm of July, but I bet that if you close your eyes you can still feel it and you might even remember what song was playing on the background, which leads us to our next memory.

3.Your first dance. For us it was “Unforgettable” at a karaoke, for you it could have been Pharrell’s “Happy”, Queen B’s “Drunk in Love” or “I’ve Had The Time of My Life”, either way I’m sure you know exactly when and where it was and if you were impressed or amused by his moves.

4.Your first night together. Well, if with the previous ones you might have a little trouble remembering ALL the details, I bet it won’t be an issue here. This one usually “requires” a lot of preparation, nerves and excitement in advance and that’s hard not to remember. And even if it wasn’t like that, if it was something more spontaneous than carefully planned, it is still a milestone in each relationship that is highly anticipated and hard to forget.

5.Your first “I Love You”. This one is at least as important and emotional as the previous one! Whether said from the top of your lunges or whispered softly in your ear, written on a piece of paper or in rose petals on your bed, however it happened will stay with you forever!

6.Your first getaway. It could be a weekend away in a remote town or a long awaited vacation in an exotic destination (or both as different events), you will always remember that time spent together, when you got to know each other a little better. Remember how he brought you breakfast in bed, or cooked that delicious dinner, how he went out early to pick your favorite magazine, or took you sightseeing? I’m sure you do.

7.The first time you spent holidays together. In the beginning you usually split between families and get together a day or two after Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter, etc. But you will always remember the first time he invited you over to spend the holidays with his family and how that felt as well as the first time he joined your family for a holiday.

8.The proposal. Sadly not all relationships get to this point, but if yours did, it will be something you will always remember. Most likely it was romantic and emotional for both of you, it might have been a little clumsy or funny, but it most certainly was memorable and you will take great pleasure in telling your grandkids all about it!

9.The wedding day. Now I don’t know about this one from my own experience, but I am lucky enough to be surrounded by many happily married couples, and they all agree on this one: though they got little time for themselves on their special day, those memories will last a lifetime.

10.The first (and second, and third, etc.) two pink lines on a stick. The birth and every milestone that follows with the new arrival. Sure, you might say this is not something romantic between just the two of you, but it is! It’s something (actually someone) you’ve done together and will continue to grow together and bring you joy for the rest of your lives!

Of course for every couple there will be other small things too, like his perfume, the touch of his hand, the way he dances or his favorite music or movie. The list is opened and waiting for suggestions so do share: what will you always remember from your relationships?