10 Things We Do When No One Is Looking

Running around naked or pulling funny faces in the mirror. Here are ten things we al do when no one is looking.

1. Dancing and play backing in the mirror.
Alone time is the perfect time to practice your twerking and singing your favorite songs in the mirror.

2. Using the toilet with the door open.
Well, why not?

3. Talking to yourself.
Thinking out loud is nice!

4. Guilty pleasures.
Enjoy watching bad movies and sing along with your child hood songs. Nobody will know about your embarrassing taste.

5. Looking at your body in the mirror.
How does my ass actually look like? And my breasts?

6. Not wearing any make up.
No make up? Check. Hair in a bun? Check. Comfy clothes? Check. In short: ready to relax the rest of the day on the couch.

7. Selfies.
The perfect time to make new Instagram pictures. Selfies photoshoot!

8. Cry as hard as you can!
Sometimes you just need some time to let your emotions go … or to cry randomly while you don’t really know why.

9. Sing a long.
In the shower, in the living room or even in the bathroom. There is nobody who can evaluate your singing skills.

10. Masturbate.
Admit it, almost everybody does it.